Research compulsive behavior disorder and type a behavioral addiction report that addresses the below items. Be thorough in your research, you will share your presentation with your classmates in Module 4 so you each can learn about the other behavioral addictions.

  1. Slide(s): Epidemiologic Data
    • Report the prevalence of the addictive behavior in the population.
    • Describe how this behavioral addiction varies across sub-populations (e.g,, race, gender, location, etc.). Who is most at risk?
  2. Slide(s): Clinical Characteristics and Phenomenology
    • Describe the physical, neurological, psychological, and behavioral characteristics present in this addiction.
    • Review the diagnostic criteria, if available. What would a clinical professional want to look for in the patient?
    • Are there common co-morbid conditions that occur with this addiction?
    • What is the role of impulsivity and compulsivity in this addiction?
  3. Slide(s): Etiology
    • Review the risk and protective factors that may contribute to developing this addiction.
  4. Slide(s): Social Determinants of Health
  5. Slide(s): Treatment
    • What are the common treatments used to treat this addiction?
  6. Slide: References
    • Use course provided materials or find resources at the UTA Library.
    • Cite your resources using APA format.

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