privacy and security go hand in hand; and hence, privacy cannot be protected without implementing proper security controls and technologies. Today, organizations must make not only reasonable efforts to offer protection of privacy of data, but also must go much further as privacy breaches are damaging to its customers, reputation, and potentially could put the company out of business. As we continue learning from our various professional areas of practice, its no doubt that breaches have become an increasing concern to many businesses and their future operations. Research the Equifax breach and report on the following:

1. What were the technical and process issues that resulted in the breach?

2. How did Equifax fail their stakeholders in their notification processes?

3. What is the expected financial consequences to Equifax for this failure?

4. From a governance and compliance perspective, identify at least 3 security controls or process improvements that should have been implemented to have prevented this from occurring, or mitigated the damage.

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