Research the history and development of your chosen career field as well as some of the companies and organizations that offer employment in that area. Select a job listing for a job for which you wish to interview (full- or part-time, internship or co-op position). Use information obtained in your research to prepare a company/job profile for the company/job in which you expect to be interviewing. Use the profile to complete these steps:

a. Review the job posting and note the degree of compatibility between your qualifications and the company and job requirements.

b. Compile a list of strengths and weaknesses (lack of a match between your qualifications and job requirements) as they relate to the job requirements.

c. Consider carefully the deficiencies you must overcome before your qualifications fully match the job requirements. What are possible strategies for overcoming these deficiencies? Are any of these strategies feasible, or is overcoming these deficiencies out of your control?

d. Analyze the final comparison and decide whether interviewing for this job would be wise.

Summarize your analysis in 5 or less typed written pages. Make sure you are following APA guidelines.

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