I. Respond to two or more of your colleagues discussion in one or more of the following ways:

~ Provide a different or expanded perspective by offering an insight that you gained by reading your colleague’s conclusions.

~ Ask a question that will help your colleague think about his or her comparisons and conclusions more deeply or broadly. Make sure you provide context and/or references based from the class readings, your own investigation, or your experience.


~ Provide an example that further illuminates complexity in organizations and compare it to what your colleague presented.

~ Offer other lessons you learned and suggest ways your colleague could manage complexity.

II. In your response to your peers, include whether you think the diagram effectively captures root causes and offers potential solutions.

~ Provide an example to support your position.

~ Provides constructive, substantial, and meaningful input that is specific and directly related to the work-product of the colleague as it pertains to the assignment and weekly outcomes that will further assist your peer in developing his or her treatise

~ Provides comments on organization, grammar, and proper APA formatting

Remains professional in tone at all times

General Guidance on Peer Feedback Length: Feedback to a peer will typically be 2 paragraphs, and may also include revisions to the diagram itself.


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