Social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) is changing corporate communication strategies. Discuss how social media has changed the way corporations communicate with their stakeholders and the impact this has had on corporate communications strategy. Explain how a company could use social media for both internal and external communications. The communications would need to inform and thereby facilitate informed decision-making by its readers, clarify, that is, explain the corporation’s role rather than just put a gloss on the situation, and illustrate that the corporation is able to explain its goals to the target audience; in other words, demonstrate a degree of corporate literacy. Illustrate this by generating examples of both internal and external communications, explaining your target audience and which media you would use and why.

Alternatively, provide real-world examples of both internal and external communications, identifying and explaining the target audience, the media that was used, and why you consider the media to be suitable..

The following critical elements must be addressed specifically:

ï‚· Informed Decision-Making: Does the communication create informed decision-making? In other words, does it clarify the situation and provide an explanation that enables its readers to make decisions based on easy-to-understand and reliable information?

ï‚· Stance Clarification: Does it help clarify PR and corporate spin? In other words, is the communication just promoting the corporate line, or is it actually explaining the position of the corporation and providing a reasoned justification for its approach?

ï‚· Corporate Literacy: Does help improve corporate literacy? In other words, does the communication demonstrate that the corporation can explain its goals in a manner that its target audience can understand and relate to?

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