1. Some Oregon license plates have 3 letters followed by three numbers. How many license plates are possible using this configuration of numbers and letters?

2. A local pizzeria offers 3 choices of salad, 10 kinds of pizza, and 4 different desserts. How many different three-course meals can be ordered? (Assume you will choose one each of salad, pizza and dessert.)

3. Radio stations in the United States have call letters that begin with either K or W. (Like KGW,WKRB) some have a total of three letters, while others have four letters. How many sets of three-letter call letters are possible? How many sets of four-letter call letters are possible?

4. Find the number of ways to arrange the letters in the following words.

a. OREGON          b. CONCORDIA        c. MISSISSIPPI

5. Students at Concordia are involved in a contest to see who can bring in the most money for service projects. Ten Freshmen, 4 Sophomores, 5 Juniors and 8 Seniors are entered. If we consider only class status, in how many ways can the winners be chosen?

6. How many different four-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8? Each digit can only be used once.

7. If 10 horses are entered in an upcoming meet, how many ways can the first three places be determined?

8. Thirty students enter a contest offering scholarships to the first and second place winners. In how many ways can the two winners be chosen from the 30 students?

9. Julie wants to select a committee of 3 to represent the Math 110 students in a math competition. If there are 34 students in the two sections, in how many ways can these students be chosen?

10. A basketball coach was criticized by parents for not trying out every combination of players. If the team roster has 12 players, how many 5-player combinations are possible?

11. A disc jockey can play eight records in a 30-minute segment of her show. For a particular 30-minute segment, she has 12 records to select from. In how many ways can she arrange he program for the particular segment?

12. A newspaper boy discovers in delivering his papers that his is three papers short. He has eight houses left to deliver to, but only five papers left. In how many ways can he deliver the remaining newspapers?

13. A committee of 11 people, six women and five men, is forming a subcommittee that is to be made up of two women and three men. In how many ways can the subcommittee by formed?

14. Assume a class has 18 members.

a. In how many ways can a president, vice-president and secretary be selected?

b. How many committees of three persons can be chosen?

*15. In how many ways can 5 couples be seated in a row of 10 chairs if no couple is separated?

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