Exploratory research is unstructured, informal research that is undertaken to gain background information about the general nature of the research problem. It is usually conducted when the researcher does not know much about the problem and needs additional information or desires new or more recent information. The purposes of exploratory research are to (1) gain background information, (2) define terms, (3) clarify problems and hypotheses, and (4) establish research priorities. Any number of examples exists. The types described in the chapter are: (1) secondary data analysis, (2) experience surveys, (3) case analysis, (4) focus groups, and (5) projective techniques.

Imagine that you are managers of a food service center on a college campus and the school newspaper just published a blistering editorial on the poor quality of food and service in their unit. Give some SPECIFIC examples of what types of exploratory research you might conduct and how might you use that information.

It is a min one page assignment. Please use correct grammar and complete sentence.

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