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Be sure to include your name, student number, address, the name of this course (K11 Database Processing), and the name of the project (“Lesson 3”) on each page you submit. If we cannot identify your work, we cannot give you credit.

Complete the task described in question 3.58 on page 134 of your text.

Consider the table.

STAFF_Meeting(EmployeeName, ProjectName, Date)

The rows of this table record the fact that an employee from a particular project attended a meeting on a given date. Assume that a project meets a most once per day. Also, assume that only one employee represents a given project, but that employees can be assigned to multiple projects.

  1. state the functional dependencies in STAFF_MEETING

    b. Transform this table into one or more tables in BCNF. State the primary keys, candidate keys, foreign keys, and referential integrity constraints.

    C. Is your design in part B an improvement over the original table? What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

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