Performance management is a continual process of identifying, measuring, and developing individual and/or team performance, and aligning performance with organizational strategy.

In this paper you will develop the foundation of a Strategic Performance Management Plan by detailing how an employee will be rated in a particular job function. You may want to search job openings and find a job that is of interest to you, or create a performance management plan for a position in your organization that is lacking one, or use the job from your Job Analysis assignment.

You must identify the organization and the job function. The Strategic Performance Management Plan needs to be specific to the job function and organizational strategy, and not general in nature (see chapter six for examples). Make sure you have access to the strategic plan of the organization since your plan must connect to the strategy.

Include in your paper:

  1. Brief background of the organization including their vision and/or mission.
  2. Brief highlights of their current strategy
  3. Brief job description
  4. Most importantly: at least 5 attributes that will be rated. Identify whether results, behavior, traits focused, or any combination of these. For each attribute explain how it connects to the organization’s strategy, specifically how performance will be measured, and the range of performance measures (such as ranging from did not meet expectations to exceeded expectations, etc.).

Your paper needs to be APA style, using APA section headings, 6-7 pages double spaced (plus cover and reference page), with at least 3 scholarly references.

For the grading details, please see the attached grading rubric.

You can just build from the Job Analysis Interview Paper

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