For the week 8 assignment, you will submit a formal proposal to your division manager Anne Brown, recommending a strategy the company could adopt to go green.
Remember, the goal of the proposal is to recommend a sustainable green strategy the company can adopt to reduce the carbon footprint by 25%. The primary audience is your division manager, Anne Brown; however, your proposal will probably be read by anyone in upper management.

My Outline for what you will be writing about is below.
Background of problem: In the business world today, environmental
conservation practices is not the first priority of a major shipping
corporation. With the utilization of semi and commercial trucks, cargo
airliners and boat transport shipping, carbon emissions and fossil fuels are
constantly being pumped into our atmosphere destroying and depleting habitats
of people and wildlife alike. Going green can improve the overall efficiency of
a business as well. Reducing unnecessary waste can trim operating costs for the
business, for example, offering hybrid vehicles to company employees can
substantially lower the amount of toxic gases placed in our environment and
save money for companies that refund employee mileage on fuel.
Statement of Purpose:
The aim is to cut down the usage of fossil fuels and replace it with
clean solar power energy. At E227 Global Solutions we are now striving to adopt
environment approachable attributes in every part of business execution.
Sources and Methods: To successfully develop a well-rounded
proposal touching on all aspects, my research for this proposal will inquire
the use of secondary resources like websites and journals to gather and asses evidence
of the pros and cons of adopting environment friendly practices.
Report Organization: My research proposal will pretty
much cover all aspects on the reduction of fossil fuels and ways to replace
this with a cleaner more reliable source of energy as well as the impact this
new practice will have on the environment. The costs and funding for the
installation of solar panels and solar hybrid vehicles will be included as

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