News events which you may consider include events relating to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation economy, recessionary economy, fiscal policy (expansionary and contractionary, Discretionary Fiscal Policy and Automatic Stabilizers).

Format as follows:


Summarize macroeconomic event in the news article chosen and mention what you plan to discuss in this essay. (est. 100 words)

Economics Concepts & Models

Identify and Discuss the economics concepts and models that will be suitable for analyzing the news article. (est 300 words)


Apply the economics concepts and models identify to show your understanding of the news event. Where applicable, draw diagrams (demand and supply curve) to support your discussion. Specifically you should identify the key macroeconomic challenges faced by the country, causes of the problems, its impacts on the society and economy as well the policies implemented by the government concerned to solve the problem. (est 700 words)

*Consider dividing into sub heading

Sub head 1

Sub head 2

Sub head 3


A conclusion highlighting your key points and arguments in the essay. (est 100words)

Assignment format

Spacing 1.5 with font size 11, Arial script and justified.

Include page number

Include a Reference page at the end of your assignment (APA Style) (At least 12-16 references)

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