Please keep in mind rules and regulations for early childhood teacher requirements that meet state rules the safety of preschool children answer each question as directed 3-4 complete paragraphs each question minimum ! Stay focused on the question at hand and the subject of children with various different behaviors. Proofread and correct sentence structures & fragment !


Based on the work you have done in this course and what you have learned, summarize the following:

  • Insights you have gained about young children and the knowledge and awareness that are essential to fostering positive guidance of young children’s behavior
  • Assumptions and misconceptions that can interfere with positive guidance and strategies, and considerations you will use to ensure that your guidance of young children is based on solid and objective information;
  • An area of child guidance of greatest interest to you from your work in this course, why it interests you, and a plan for increasing specific knowledge and skills toward gaining greater competency in this area.

Assignment length: 1–2 pages

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