1. Tell a couple of stories that describe how analytics have been used to make a positive difference for in an organization.  Your stories can be based your own experiences, case studies, journal or newspaper articles, etc.  Below you will find the sort of thing that I might use because I am familiar with the particular journal, but don’t feel that you have to use these articles (although feel free to) or this journal.
  • Ahire, S. L., Malhotra, M. K., & Jensen, J. B. (2015). Carton-Mix Optimization for Walmart.com Distribution Centers. Interfaces 45(4):, 341-357.
  • Elsner, R., Krafft, M., & Huchzermeier, A. (2003). Optimizing Rhenania’s Mail-Order Business ThroughDynamic Multilevel Modeling (DMLM). Interfaces 33(1):, 50-66.
  • Körpeo?lu, E., Kurtz, Z., K?l?nç-Karzan, F., Kekre, S., & Basu, P. A. (2014). Business Analytics Assists Transitioning TraditionalMedicine to Telemedicine at Virtual Radiologic. Interfaces 44(4):, 393-410.
  • Tandon, R., Chakraborty, A., Srinivasan, G., Shroff, M., Abdullah, A., Shamasundar, B., . . . Dhore, P. (2013). Hewlett Packard: Delivering Profitable Growth for. Interfaces 43(1):, 48-61.
  • Yelland, P. M., Kim, S., & Stratulate, R. (2010). A Bayesian Model for Sales Forecasting at SunMicrosystems. Interfaces 40(2), 118-129.

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