Topic of Term Paper:

* Topic relevant to construction management. However, the most desirable ones would be contemporary issues on construction management.

• At least 5 recent papers (I have uploaded them)

**My interesting topic which is “The effect of lack of management communication on the FIU Pre-Cast pedestrian bridge collapse” , where the construction management plays a big factor.

Term Paper Text:

*How to write a good “the-state-of-art of xxxxxx i.e. the topic” is the main purpose of this work. Guidelines for writing this term paper are summarized below:

• The total page number of this paper should NOT be more than ten (10), including abstract, tables, charts, photos, references, etc.

• The format should be single space, 12 point, and Times New Roman font.

**Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Serious punishment shall be conducted if the paper is found to be copied from a work written by someone else

• Please use proper referencing when you are using information from other sources.

Term Paper Presentation:

*Also, I need it in a PowerPoint for presentation.

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