1. The ancient scriptures from India that form the basis for Hinduism (and Buddhism) are the ___________.
  2. Mohandas Gandhi preached about the importance of _______________, which included marches, hunger strikes, demonstrations, and publicity; this was borrowed by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  3. Buddhists believe reality exists in three characteristics: constant change; lack of permanent identity, and _________.
  4. For Buddhists, liberation from decay and pain is called _______________.
  5. Jainists believe in ____________, who are seen as “crossing-makers” or spiritual guides.
  6. Sikhism is widely viewed as a blend of parts of Hinduism and ___________.
  7. The primary book of Sikh scripture is the _________, which they venerate, believing it contains the living spirits of ten gurus.
  8. For Daoists and Confucianists, _____________ is the representation of two opposite but complementary characteristics.
  9. Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism are collectively known as the ____________.
  10. Shinto began to separate from Buddhism following ______________.

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