Meth – Documentary

Gay Men and the Meth Scene

Instructions: Watch the film “Meth-Documentary” and answer the following questions in detail.  Include specific quotes from the characters in the film to support your answers.

  1. Pay attention to race and class. What population is this film about? Is the scene racially or class inclusive from what you can tell?
  1. Describe the “scene” in the film. What is reinforcing about both the drugs and the scene?  What it is about the drug and the scene that keeps people coming back to it?

(Remember what Gabor Mate said about addiction:  What does the addiction do for the people in the film?)

  1. The characters in the film discuss their “poly drug use”. What are the various drugs some of them use in combination with meth?
  1. What are some of the life experiences, hardships, feelings, and psychological struggles that caused the characters to want to do meth?
  1. What were some of the negative consequences/affects of meth on the characters? What did the addiction lead to in their lives?
  1. What other co-occurring addictions are mentioned by the characters besides meth addiction?
  1. How does the mother of the meth dealer deal with her son’s addiction? What boundaries did she set? How does the addicted son feel after his mother’s discussion of his addiction?
  1. What happens in the gay scene in the 1980s? How does this affect those men who were using meth, or who hadn’t started yet?
  1. How do the men describe meth? What words or phrases do they use?
  1. How does meth affect the interpersonal relationships of the men in the film?
  1. Are any of the men in treatment? If so, what type?  Have any of the men been able to recover from their addictions?

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