write a 3+ page essay, following the basic essay structure, in which you

respond to one of the two prompts below. Before you begin, be sure to read the Course Writing Standards (CWS); the evaluation of your paper is also based on your ability to follow these guidelines.

In your essay, you should demonstrate a) comprehension of the required reading assignment, i.e. you understood Barbara Weinstein’s ideas, concepts, and film analysis, and b) an understanding of the film Lucia, i.e. you know the characters, setting, story, etc. You only need to pick one of the following as the basis of your essay.

1.) Through its central characters, story elements, and moments, how does the film Lucia portray and convey the historical processes and experiences of decolonization (i.e. liberation from colonialism) and/or conscientization (i.e. developing an awareness of culture, politics, gender roles, etc.) for Cuban women? In your essay, you must discuss at least three points or examples that both respond to the question and allow you to explain significant scenes or aspects of the film. Do not write just a plot summary; focus on specific moments and details, and use the course readings and lecture material to construct your analysis and demonstrate that you fully understand the film.

2.) Although feminist scholar Barbara Weinstein appreciates how Lucia is innovative as a revolutionary Cuban cinema epic that tells history from a woman’s point of view, she takes the film to task for how director Humberto Solas distorts the significant roles of different women in Cuban history. Write an essay in which you engage three of Weinstein’s critiques of Lucia with three descriptive and detailed examples from key scenes and moments in the film.

You can choose one

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