Research project report

Topic: Enhancing airtightness in a residential building ( improving airtightness in a building)

Please not only mention the airtightness measurement in a building but also mention the materials which are used to improve the airtightness in a building .

The side heading of the proposal should be




4.Literature review

5.Problem statement

6.Research methodology

7.Analysis and finding

8.Discussion and research findings



Research style :concise and precise

All heading in applied research project guidelines except 7,8,9 and 10

Earlier in the research methodology you have showed the remedies to improve the airtightness measurement .i want you to work on materials which are used in construction of the residential building so that the using those materials the building can be airtight

Please read question and all requirements and prepare the document i dont want wrong answer please and i need unique answer no plagiarism APA style thanks

Ill share you my last assignment related to this which was research methodology but now this one is different.

Ill also share a sample proposal for this assignment after i assign you.

Please also show figures and graphs thanks.

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