1. First response on both of these articles (2 pages):

Goldwaite, Richard. Wealth and the Demand for Art In Italy, 1300-1600. Baltimore, 1993, pp212-250, “The Culture of Consumption,” “Consumption and the Generation of Culture.”

Answer these questions after reading these two articles:

-How did consumer habits change, according to Richard Goldwaite, in the period between the 14th and 17th centuries?

-Why is understanding the consumer habits of Florentines in the Renaissance so important for the study of material culture?

2. Second response on these two articles (2 pages:

Preyer, Brenda. “The Florentine casa,” in At Home in Renaissance Italy, pp. 34-59, (and “The Wall Fountain and Fireplace in Florence,” pp.284-287

Brown, Patricia. “The Venetian Casa,” in At Home in Renaissance Italy, pp. 50-66

Compare these articles. What are the differences between the Venetian casa and the Florentine casa?

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