PSY 510

SPSS Assignment 4 Document

Before you begin the assignment:


  • Review the video tutorial for an overview of comparing means in SPSS.
  • Download and open the Food Consumption SPSS Dataset.

An overview of the dataset:


This dataset presents the results of a hypothetical experiment that examined dieting, food consumption, and mood. In the first session of the experiment, a sample of dieters and non-dieters were given a plate of food from a popular restaurant. The amount of food (in ounces) that they consumed was measured. In addition, their mood was measured. One week later, the same participants were tested again. This time, while they were eating their plate of food, they also watched a funny movie. Researchers again measured food consumption and mood, as well as participants’ feelings about their body and self-esteem. Specifically, the following variables are included:

  • Subnum: This is the ID number given to track each participant in the experiment.
  • Dietingstatus: This identifies whether or not the participant self-identified as a dieter. If the participant was not dieting, they are coded as a “1” and if they were dieting they were coded as a “2”.
  • Consumption1: The amount of food (in ounces) eaten at time 1.
  • Consumption 2: The amount of food (in ounces) eaten at time 2.
  • Mood1: Participants’ mood at time 1. Scale ranged from 1 (negative mood) to 10 (positive mood).
  • Mood 2: Participants’ mood at time 2. Scale ranged from 1 (negative mood) to 10 (positive mood).
  • Bodyimage: Participants’ self-reported body satisfaction. Scale ranged from 25 (dissatisfied) to 50 (satisfied).
  • Selfesteem: Participants’ self-esteem rating. Scale ranged from 15 (low self-esteem) to 30 (high self-esteem).



1a) Use the Compare Means function to examine the means for dieters and non-dieters on the Body Image and Self Esteem variables.

Paste relevant output below:


1b) Describe the differences in means that you see.

Type your answer below:


2a) Conduct independent samples t-tests to see if the differences noted above are significant. In other word, conduct two independent samples t-tests, one examining the relationship between Dieting Status and Body Image, and one examining the relationship between Dieting Status and Self-Esteem.

Paste your relevant output below (Read carefully: the best way to do this is to select “Copy Special” when copying from the SPSS output. Then select image as a format to copy. When pasting in Word, select Paste Special, choose a picture format and then resize the image so it fits the screen):

2b) Use the Sig. (2-tailed) column to find the p values for each test. Based on these p-values, are either of the tests significant? How do you know? Based on the significance of the tests, what would you conclude about the relationship between dieting and body image and the relationship between dieting and self-esteem?

Type your answer below:

3a) Use SPSS to calculate the means for Consumption1, Consumption2, Mood 1, and Mood 2.

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