Application with Peer Review: Fixing the Sales Process

When sales decline, it might not be obvious what needs to be fixed. The problem causes might be due to obsolete products, a poorly performing sales team, or new competition—or a combination of factors.

As you review the case study “Baria Planning Solutions, Inc.: Fixing the Sales Process,” (located in this week’s resources) consider the issues facing Baria’s sales support group and Baria’s general performance problems as a whole. Baria’s managers must determine the cause or causes of the company’s problems before they can develop a solution.

Consider how using feedback loops could be used to evaluate and improve Baria’s situation. Based on your causal loop diagrams, consider what solutions Baria could implement that might be effective.

For this assignment:

  • Using a formal systems diagramming approach, analyze Baria’s performance and develop a robust effect-cause-effect tree diagram using the 5-Whys tool, as you did previously in the course.
  • Create an appropriate, simple causal loop diagram (CLD) that incorporates relevant and logical feedback loops to capture the fundamental system behaviors, outcomes, and causes in the Baria Planning Solutions case study. See the rubric for details on what this diagram should contain.  The diagram itself should be one page and can be hand-drawn or drawn with software.  Tables are not appropriate; it must be in the form of a diagram.
  • Write a summary description, including specific recommendations, that links directly to your 5-why and CLD analyses for improving Baria’s sales support operations and organization as a whole. (1 single spaced page)

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