1. a) Using value chain analysis, demonstrate your understanding of how Ryan Air achieves cost leadership in different parts of the value chain.   Identify the risks Ryan Air faces due to its pure cost leadership strategy, using the types of risks given in the chapter and specific examples from the video.
  2. b) Using the four actions and the value canvas tools, design a blue ocean opportunity for Ryan Air.    What are the key strategic factors that you will elevate, reduce, add, and eliminate, to offer an entirely new experience that appeals to a broad group of customers?



  1. a) Answer the two assessment questions inthe discussions forum in about 175 words each.
  2. b) Using,, or, find an article on a company that is using differentation business strategy (i.e. focusing on the premium market segment).   Analyze how this comapny is achieving differentiaton through different parts of the value chain in about 75 words.  Cite the article in APA format, including the web link to the article.
  3. c) Review the articles posted by your peers.   For any one article, in about 75 words, discuss how you might develop a focus business strategy in the same industry, clearly specifying the focus and how you will use different parts of the value chain to strengthen this focus.  (if you are the first to post, then come back in a few hours to answer this part).

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