Using your local place of employment, business, or organization, discuss a situation when you were required to make a management- or leadership-related decision. Also, based on the nature of the decision, would you identify it as heuristic in nature? Or did the decision require critical thinking? How do you know? Thoroughly explain.


1- the paper (post)

Your post should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concepts presented for the week. Further, substantial detail and critical thinking skills in light of real-life application are a must. Keep in mind that the concepts gained in the course are to be presented within the locale of Saudi Arabia, yet from a global perspective where appropriate. Consistent integration and synthesis of authoritative sources is required. Proper citation in accordance with university APA writing standards is a must.

2) Additional two Paragraphs:

Your additional two Paragraphs should be substantive and meaningful. They should also be well supported and extend the discussion further, encouraging ongoing dialogue throughout the week.

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