Utilizing a blog as your base, select 3-4 other social media tools and put together a well thought out and well organized proposal for your social media campaign. Give specific examples of how you intend to use each tool, your ideas for creating an integrated marketing strategy, and what the goal(s) of your campaign are going to be.

You should present this proposal as if you were submitting it to a client or executive member of your own team. Thusly, it may potentially be optimal to include graphics or other supporting materials.

Feel free to use a standard document format, PowerPoint, or any other presentation tool at your disposal when submitting your work. That said, keep in mind any limitations an actual client would have in viewing your work.

In your proposal, ensure you include answers to the following questions as well as the ones described above:

  1. Where will you go to find your target audience?
  2. What will you do to gauge social media activity of your target audience? (e.g. if it’s Twitter, you may use TweetDeck to set up a series of keyword searches. If it’s a blog, you may scan Technorati for blog activity on a specific topic. Etc.)
  3. What specific things will you listen for? (e.g. for Market Motive, you may decide to listen on Twitter for people mentioning Internet marketing training)
  4. What are your expectations/goals for each tool in the campaign?
  5. What are you calls to action in each tool?

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