1. WERK IT GEAR Sports clothing store
  • Identify a country or geographic region for global expansion for your product. (China )
  • Create a strategic marketing plan that:
    • Identifies and addresses local/regional challenges and opportunities
    • Identifies the legal, ethical, and social challenges and opportunities
  1. Managing BranGeographic Boundaries And Market Segments
  • What are some ethical issues that an organization may face when entering the global market? Is it ethical to market potentially harmful products to minors? Why or why not? Do organizations have different brand messages for different ethnic groups? Why or not?
  1. International Brand Expansion
  • Does an organization have ethical and social responsibilities when entering the global market? How do you determine the ethical standards in various countries? Provide examples of organizations that have effectively introduced products into foreign markets. What strategies did this organization employ to make the introduction a success? Also provide examples of organizations that have had unsuccessful product introductions in foreign markets. What factors contributed to this unsuccessful attempt?

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