Philosophy 01 Critical Thinking Module Questions

1.)    What are some reasons that moral values might be universal other than the claims of religion being true?  What are the logical implications of moral values are not universal?  Is that something that we can simply give up on?

2.)    What are some examples (either as categories, or in terms of specific people) of master morality?Nihilists are sometimes accused of being elitist; after all, Nietzsche’s “superman,” the perfect embodiment of Master Morality, is presented as being extremely rare.  Very few of us can stare the essential bleakness of life in the face and not only accept it, but glory in it, become Masters.  Thoughts?

3.)    Who are the New Atheists?  Just what is “new” about them?Both arguments have a common strategy: that all claims about the supernatural are on equal footing by definition, so therefore we may as well just make up our own ‘god’ or else stop believing in all spiritual narratives.  This basic, sarcastic, total dismissal of all religious experience is quite effective and popular among a growing number of people.  Just in San Francisco, several groups with Pastafarian pamphlets picket religious events at AT&T park to hand out atheist literature.  What do you think of these arguments?

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