What are the DNA units called?

What are the three parts of a DNA nucleotide?

What are the 4 bases in DNA?

Can altering one letter in the DNA code change a trait?

Where are the bases located in the DNA double helix?

Given the coding on one strand of DNA, be able to give the coding on the other strand of DNA.

Given the coding on one strand of DNA, be able to provide the coding on the RNA strand.

What type of RNA gets the information directly from DNA? mRNA,tRNA,rRNA?

Which organelle does the mRNA attach to before a protein is made?

What type of RNA carries the amino acids?

Are the amounts of a particular DNA base the same or different among different species?

What are the four bases of RNA?

What is the difference between therapeutic and reproductive cloning?

What can’t ultrasound tell you?

What is gene therapy?

Can genetic mutations be determined by looking for proteins in the blood?

What is the procedure called that amplifies DNA?

What ingredients are used to remove DNA from strawberry cells?

What is the charge on DNA?

What is DNA testing used for?

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