Imagine  a close friend asked for your help.  You are to research information about health insurance for this close friend.  She is 62 years old and her husband is 72 years old.   He is in a rehab hospital following what she calls a “mild stroke”.  Your friend is employed on a part-time basis as a waitress at a local coffee shop. Determine if they qualify for Medicaid in your state.

Locate an official government on-line source of information for the state you consider “home” (you might live there or it might be home to your family members).  Find an additional source of insurance information from an advocacy or resource group for your state.  To help determine eligibility, take a look at the current Federal Poverty (FPL) Guidelines.  (Remember to identify your home state and include a link to your resource sites.)

A. 1. a.What are the eligibility requirements for Medicaid in your state?  Are they both eligible for Medicaid in your state?

b. How much income (Social Security, wages, pension, interest, etc.) is allowed each month (as a Medicaid beneficiary)?

c. How much assets are they allowed?   Which possessions count as assets?

2. Assuming eligibility, what benefits are available?  Provide an overview of the assistance programs specific to their needs.  She is considering home care services, an adult day health program, or the possibility of nursing home care.

B. Share your thoughts:

1. Are the sites user-friendly?    Consider health care literacy standards.   Also contemplate getting the information if you had an age-related limitation such as poor vision, limited hand function due to arthritis, or short term memory loss.

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