1.What are the HIPAA guidelines for provider-to patient email communication?

Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

  1. Would you compare the way the Internet operates to the telephone or post office? Justify your response.

    Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

  1. Merita Roberts, is a 59 year-old who arrives for her routine follow-up visit for her known diagnosis of Diabetes Type II. She mentions today that she has had occasional cramps and weakness on the left side of her body. While the nurse is checking her, she notices her looking at the computer monitor. The monitor is displaying the screen saver for the new E-Visit program. She ask “What is E-Visit?”

    (a) How will you explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet (E-Visit) on healthcare?

    (b) What precaution should be taken to ensure patients do not see another patient’s PHI on the computer monitor?

    Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

  1. Discuss the benchmarks for Patient-Centered Medical Home. Be sure to include the nine PCMH standards.

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