You will research and write a paper analyzing the cultural perspectives of doing business in a different country.

After reading your paper, the reader should be able to comprehensively answer the following research questions. Thus, the research questions form the major aspects (APA Level 1 headings) of your outline. This paper must be written in strict conformance to current APA format, and contain a minimum of 24 pages of content (excluding the title page, abstract, and references) utilizing at least 24 references from reputable professional and/or scholarly journals and/or informational venues that deal with the content of the course (i.e., not blogs, Wikipedia, newspapers, etc.).

• What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region?

• How are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in the nation?

• How do both of the above items compare with US culture and business?

• What are the implications for US businesses that wish to conduct business in that region?

Dimension of Elements include Communication, Religion, Ethics, Values, Manners, Customs, social structures and organizations and education.  All of these must be touched on within the paper.

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