1. What are the objectives of worker’s compensation laws? How do you describe the employers’ obligations under these laws?
  2. How must an employer ensure employee privacy when processing claims under workers’ compensation laws?
  3. No employer intends to harm its employees. How would you define the term willful that would give rise to penalties of up to $70,000?
  4. Explain the Family Medical Leave Act, including benefits, to whom it applies and under what circumstances.
  5. How do FMLA benefits relate to other types of employment leaves? Might the provisions of the act be abused? Explain why or why not. How might employers prevent abuses?
  6. Explain the purposes of ERISA and identify who and what type of entities are covered.
  7. Sasha is employed as the Winstons’ babysitter when they must occasionally stay over in town because of their jobs. Sasha is becoming increasingly discontented with her wages, which are below minimum wage. What relief does the FLSA provide for Sasha?
  1. Nine months after coming to work for Gaggle, Inc., Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. The prognosis was not good. Sarah underwent surgery and a chemotherapy regimen that physically depleted her. When Sarah’s sick leave was used up, Sarah asked her employer for 12 weeks of FMLA leave. Will Sarah be granted the FMLA leave for her health?

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