1 What are the pros & cons of eCommerce? Can you describe some security concerns associated with eCommerce?


It is interesting to realize that financial reporting requirements do not change for eCommerce. The processes of gathering and summarizing data change. Just as an accounting transaction is initiated by selling an item in a store, so does the placing of an order via the Internet. Information technology presents security and privacy challenges for the AIS.

What are some of the eCommerce security and privacy challenges?


What is the role of the AIS in ensuring the security of ecommerce?

4 How can the AIS help protect company information from theft?

5 When security is compromised a company faces potential financial and non-financial losses. What are some of these losses? Please give examples.

6 How can you relate your responses to “the role of audit or transaction trails” in maintaining security and privacy?

7  Segregation of duties (SoD) and other classic internal controls such as management oversight have been adapted to consider technology. Compare/contrast the classic controls with their adaptations for technology. Have one or more of the classic controls become obsolete when applied in technology? On the flip side of that, describe any new controls that have become necessary because of technology.

8 There are a ton of good examples of customized products that require a job costing system. My first thought is homebuilders. Most houses are unique in a variety of ways. Can you think of a unique, different or entertaining product example?

9 Let’s discuss CVP analysis and BE analysis when a company has more than one product.

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