Part 1

  • What are the ways in which Nauman makes you, the viewer, pay attention?
  • Were you paying attention? List the different media Nauman works in and discuss the connections, if any, among them. How do you think the use of varied media affects his view of himself as an artist as well as other people’s view of him as an artist? Is it important for society to be able to categorize an artist? Why or why not?
  • Discuss Nauman’s statement: “Whatever I was doing in the studio must be art .” Is this statement different from “If I am in the classroom, then whatever I am doing must be educational”? Defend your views.
  • Nauman remarks that “accidents keep it real.” In general, what role do you think accidents play in art? How do you reconcile his interest in accidents with his statement that “You have to be clear about what you are trying to do?”

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