In this project you will be researching your state’s correctional system — covering both community-based and institutional settings. Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation using a minimum of three references and APA style.


Locate the website for your state’s correctional department by conducting a search: “Your State Department of Corrections.

Part A: Community-based corrections

What are three goals of community-based corrections?

Identify and describe at least three types of community-based corrections available in your state, such as probation, intermediate sanctions, parole, and reentry programs.

Are community based corrections effective? Consider the historical impact of community based corrections and discuss any research findings available on state and/or national websites (Note: look for headings titled Research and/or Publications) or from other outside sources to assess the effectiveness of these programs. Be sure to cite specific research from at least three sources and utilize data that will defend your conclusion on whether or not community based corrections are effective.

Part B: Correctional Institutions

Describe three types of correctional institutions available for adults in your state. Be sure to identify institutions, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and private prisons based on the following designations: security level; men’s and women’s facilities; and public and private institutions.

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