Assignment is due tomorrow. Each answer needs to be at least 300 words. Please include your fee with the handshake!!!!!!


Address the following in your initial post:

  • What are two of the residual effects of victimization? The criminal justice system has responded to these residual effects with reporting assistance.
  • What are two reporting methods that have been implemented to assist in investigating and addressing victimization?
  • Are the reporting methods you discussed effective? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • What could be done to remedy ineffective reporting methods?
  • Explain what could be done to create a holistic plan for victim restitution.

reference at least two scholarly sources in proper APA format.


Address the following in your initial post:

  • Analyze the rise of our understanding of intimate partner violence?
  • What are some common risk factors associated with intimate partner violence?
  • How do age, gender, and financial resources impact an individual’s ability to address intimate partner violence?
  • Critique the criminal justice system’s responses and explain the effectiveness of the criminal justice system’s response to intimate partner violence.

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