Kitchen Best: Ethics When Doing Cross-boundary Business in Southern China:

The Objective of the Kitchen Best Case is to show challenges with legal and cultural differences.

  1.   What are typical integrity management challenges faced by an SME doing cross-border business?
  2.   Kitchen Best has a culture of offering entertainment and kickbacks to potential clients and business partners.  What legal risks does that pose to the company in a cross-border setting?
  3.  What are the shortcomings of the management and governance systems of Kitchen Best?  What kind of mechanisms should Kitchen Best put in place to prevent unethical behavior and malpractice and to strengthen system control?
  4.  Many of the problems at Kitchen Best are related to Horatio Sze and Ma Kuk. Where has the company gone wrong in managing its staff?
  5. Why is it important for SMEs to practice ethical management?  How can Hencry Chan enhance his role in this regard?

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