Wendy is an accountant for a local service company. Without prior authorization or knowledge by anyone else, she set up several dummy companies and began writing checks to them for fictitious purchases. Her scheme was discovered later when her numerous purchases of luxury goods came to light. What controls should have been in place and therefore might have prevented this fraudulent activity from occurring?

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length.
  • Be formatted according to the APA Requirements

  • Cite a minimum of two scholarly sources,

Write clearly and logically, as you will be graded on content, analysis, and your adherence to the tenets of good academic writing, which should be succinct where possible while also exploring the topics appropriately. Remember that you can always improve your work by providing support from outside scholarly sources, which help both to bolster your own assertions and supplement your ideas.

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