The purpose of the Virtual Group Activity is for you to work in a group to develop a 1-2-page report listing best practices for a diversity plan for conducting business and managing employees in a global society. This report is due at the end of Module 11 but you shoal begin working on it immediately!

Write a 1-page reflection on the group activity. You may refer to the following questions for guidance on what to include:

  1. What did you learn about working in groups?
  2. Did the fact that you were using technology to communicate, instead of being face-to-face, affect your success? How so?
  3. Share an example to show how this project was beneficial to you, and an example to share where this project was a challenge.
  4. Knowing that group project work done via technology is a reality in global businesses today, what are your ideas on how to make the process more efficient and inclusive?

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