This discussion aims to explore the different divine/human relationships in two South American and two North American cultures.

What different divine/human relationships can we identify?

To what extent do gods control humans?


In the Aymaran myth The Creation, Viracocha makes his second creations complete; there seem to be no questions about their futures and what roles each will play.  The sun god in the Incan  myth The Children of the Sun sends his children to teach the people how to make their own lives better.   Consider carefully the historical introductions to these myths!

How much historical accuracy is apparent in these myths?

Can the Incan Father Sun be seen to show divine superiority to Viracocha?

Compare to the the Navajo and Mic myths.

What place do gods or divine entities seem to play in these myths?

Does nature seem to play any “divine” role?

Do they seem to demand payment or recognition like others?

Please cite specific episodes from the story.

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