1. copy/paste the case you select at top for each page. I want to know what cases you are addressing.
  2. Decide and write your key points (2-3 words only) in POINT form (and explain each one of them with a short 3-4 sentence narrative). If you do it correctly, you should have 7 bolded, UNDERLINED key points (numbered 1, 2, 3…7) and narratives making 1 full page (1/2 or 3/4 page will lose points!).
  1. Write your summaries using font type “New Times Roman”, size 12, single spaced. Follow SAMPLE SUMMARY SHOWN IN STYLE, NUMBERING, BOLDING, UNDERLINING, LENGTH & INCLUDE YOUR NAME AT TOP!
  2. CASE SCENARIO #7 (15 pts)

What do you think are the most important health issues facing developing nations of the world today? These are nations primarily in Central America, Asia, Africa and South America.


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