Stat 200 ( doesn’t have to be super long!!!!!! Keep it short!!!!!!!)

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Find an example of statistics in the news.  Look in your local newspaper, online news site (e.g., CNN), etc.  Summarize that example and discuss the details of the statistical information.


HMGT 435


Respond to the appropriate question below by this Wed and then respond to TWO of your classmates responses with substantial contribution by Sunday. Last Names A through L respond to question 1 and Last Names M through Z respond to question 2.

  1. What does economies of scale mean? As a health care manager how would you apply economies of scale in your department? Finally, how do organizations (payers, providers, military, physician owned clinics, wellness boutiques) utilize or could utilize economies of scale in their business model? Be specific and think about the changing demand curve, price sensitivity and other economic concepts that support your answer.
  2. From an economic perspective, at what point does a firm decide to shut-down? What alternatives economically does an organization (payer, provider, IDN, physician practice, physician owned facility etc.) have instead of shutting down? How are these different between types of organizations compare and contrast two types of organizations,. Think about the difference in scale, borrowing ability, price setting, demand curve, supply curve and micro vs. macro economics.

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