Answer two questions in part I, OR the one question in part II. Part I answers should be btw 750-1,250 words; part II answers btw 1,250 and 2,000 words


1. What does Stanley Milgram’s “Perils of Obedience” have to tell us about efforts to standardize professional ethics? What does Milgram believe is the relationship between the obedience and individual morality? And how would Milgram evaluate Edward Snowden’s decision to leak classified information about what he believed to be unconstitutional practices within the NSA?

2. Using MacIntyre’s theoretical framework (that is, by reference to terms like “internal goods,” and “external goods”), explain why someone who loves the child depicted in MacIntyre’s “chess” example might offer her some candy to play chess when she doesn’t want to play? And why might one offer her twice as much candy if she plays well? Refer directly to the paragraph in “The Nature of the Virtues” where this is discussed, making sure to explain all its relevant aspects.

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