Ethical dilemma: The use of Spying Equipment in Foreign Territories without Permission

Research question: what ethical questions arise in the use of military spying equipment in foreign territories?


The use of spying equipment in the military has gained much publicity within many countries. Many military forces like the US forces and Russian forces make use of spying equipment like spy drone and the Harris Surveillance in spying other countries territories (Lerner, 2002). Basically, spying other country’s territories without permission is unethical in military services. Spying refers to secretly watching or examining other country’s military actions. In this context, this research outline will explore unethical issues of using spying territories without permission.

  1. Violation of country’s
  2. It compromises the sovereign right of privacy of the country being spied by another country.
  3. It leads to leakage of a country’s private information to an alien who might be an enemy in nature.
  • It promotes the bad relationship between two countries as the country that is the victim will feel offended.
  1. It leads to a breach of the peace treaty.
  2. Perpetuates war between the countries involved.
  3. Spying practices in military field instigate wars especially within the countries involved. For instance, if American spy drone is found in Russia without the permission of the Russian government to the American government to conduct spying within Russia, the relationship between the two countries will be greatly affected. It leads to possibilities of war engagement between them.
  4. The war between countries is initiated by one country violating the right of the other. Spying, therefore, remains one of the major reasons for intercountry war.
  5. It leads to human encroachment.
  6. The use of spying equipment can lead to loss of life in the country they are used against.
  7. They aim to shadow the military ethics as they can fail to operate as programmed.
  • Military personnel may be exposed to dangers such as loss of life when a spy equipment is detected as they are not aware of such operations.
  1. It affects relationship among countries.
  2. Spying activities promote the mistrust between the countries involved(Lerner, 2002). As unauthorized spying is conducted, the country being spied feel betrayed or the need to prepare for war with the spying country.
  3. It leads to preparation of war by creating awareness on malicious activities.


The use of spying equipment dominates military services today. Their uses are driven by secret military intentions (Powers & Berman, 1960). Countries which have peaceful and harmonious relationships will view unauthorized spying as unethical since it is against the military and security management of any country to be spied. Finally, unauthorized spying should be discouraged to promote peaceful coexistence between countries and military engagements. Unauthorized spying will, therefore, create suspicion and tensions among the military of countries involved.

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