1. What type of Internet connection do you use at home? How does it compare to the connection used in a classroom setting? What factors influenced the decision on the type of service you use at home? (For example, is it the only type of service available? Did the service come bundled with other services you were already using?)

2. What factors do you think influence the decisions of networking professionals when they establish networks for their companies?

Exercise 1-3: Recommending a WAN Technology (pg.16)

1. Students: use the Internet to research the availability and cost of leased lines in your area(atlanta). What types of lines are available? What costs are associated with each? Are leased lines more affordable or less affordable than you had imagined?

2. Students: Outline the networking requirements of two different businesses—one a large corporation with 300 employees in one building, and one a small business of 25 employees and two branch offices each supporting 3 sales people. Consider the networking requirements of each business including the probable number of required connections, and the reliability and speed requirements of each.

3. Would you recommend a leased line to one or both businesses? If so, what type of line would you recommend? What factors affect your decision? What other factors (if any) should be taken into consideration?

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