Textbook1. Essential Concepts and School-Based Cases in Special Education Law

Read chapter 9 in Essential Concepts and School-Based Cases in Special Education Law.

Electronic Resource1. Wrightslaw

Explore the Wrightslaw website.


Emerging Issues Newsletter

Identify two special education emerging issues. Research and evaluate current information about your chosen topics, and then create a newsletter to be distributed to the special education staff. Your newsletter should include a 250-500-word summary of the issues, resources for further reading, and your professional opinion regarding how the school should respond to the issues. Cite a minimum of three professional, educational, and/or legal resources.   Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Clinical Field Experience D: Advocacy

Allocate 2 hours to complete this part of the Clinical Field Experience.

Visit a local disability advocacy organization and interview an administrator regarding:

Relationship of special education to the organization, and function of educational agencies;

Continuum of placement and services available for individuals with exceptionalities;

Publications relevant to individuals with exceptionalities;

Information provided on exceptionalities;

Activities relevant to individuals with exceptionalities;

Culturally responsive factors that promote effective communication and collaboration with individuals with exceptionalities, families, school personnel, and community members;

Roles of professional groups and referral agencies in identifying, assessing, and providing services to individuals with exceptionalities; and

Any resources to assist in programming for individuals with exceptionalities.

Summarize your findings in a reflection of 250-500-words.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected

Discussion Questions    Topic 5 DQ 1-word count 200

What factors must the IEP team take into consideration when determining what the least restrictive environment is for an individual student?

Topic 5 DQ 2- word count 200

Read “Case No. 18 – State Responsibility to Ensure Compliance with the IDEA.” Would a state be responsible for providing special education services if a local school board, defaulted on its obligation?

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