Shakespeare on Film

The first and second assignments should be one page single spaced font 12 sized for each assignment.

  1. What is “metadrama”? Write a one-page essay that uses A Midsummer Night’s Dream and at least one other play to explain the concept of metadrama. You can use course materials, including the metadrama handout, but you cannot do research on the internet to address this question.  Ground your response in the printed text of the play but you can use the film interpretations to illustrate points you want to make.  (50)

The link of the movie on youtube:

  1. At the end of The Taming of the Shrew, is the shrew tamed? Write an essay in which you explain your interpretation of this central question of the play.  Make sure you use close readings of   the key speeches in the play to develop your interpretation.  (50)

The link of the movie on youtube:

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