Introduction to Construction Methods, Materials and Techniques

  1. Describe in detail the sequence of building and site design in accordance with this chapter; what comes first in building design and then what follows? Remember to provide who provides the design at each sequence. (1 point)
  1. What is the purpose served by foundations? (1 point)
  1. What is a column? What kinds of forces are a column subjected? (1 point)
  1. What is a beam? What building elements typically support beams? (1 point)
  1. What is a transverse load? Students will have to find the answer elsewhere (not provided in the reading).
  1. What types of materials are the structural frames in question Nos. 3 and 4 made? (1 point)
  1. What is a tension fabric structure? (1 point)
  1. What are the various types of enclosing walls in common use? (1 point)
  1. Provide a definition for building systems. (1 points)
  1. What are the various types of building systems required? (1 point)

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