1. The World Health Organization defines health as:

the absence of illness mental, social, and physical well-being.

  1. After defining a target population, a health assessment needs to:

ensure that the relevant problem is properly understood.

define what constitutes “health.”

seek funding for its recommendations.

determine the health status of the population.

  1. What is a regional health information organization?

A database of patient information that is shared within a physician group or practice.

An organization that encourages the use of health information technology in a specific area.

A business that gathers and delivers patient information to providers for a flat fee.

A collection of network devices within a specific facility, such as a hospital or clinic.

  1. Which statement BEST describes the forecasting of health care technologies?

Forecasts about the likely implementation of health care technology are almost always on target.

Because technological forecasting is an imprecise science, it is of little importance to the health care industry.

Our ability to correctly predict the success or failure of health care technology is fairly limited.

Forecasting health care technology is impossible because of our limited knowledge of the future.

  1. Evidence-based medicine is also sometimes called ______________.
  2. Universal health coverage in a competitive market system usually relies heavily on ___________________.
  3. Why might a provider be interested in using a standardized clinical assessment and management plan (SCAMP)?-(Essay question)
  4. Explain the factor that has proven a significant barrier in the adoption of patient-driven health care?(Essay question)
  5. The foundation of evidence-based medicine is continuous personal, professional, and organizational learning.T/F?
  6. The health care sector is far ahead of most other industries when it comes to the use of information technology.T/F?
  7. A health impact assessment identifies, predicts, and evaluates the changes a health policy will have on a particular population.T/F?

Virtually all health care providers recognize the desirability of the increasing medicalization of human experience.T

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