Assignment 1-due 8/8

  1. Describe the following disk concepts or components.
  2. Platter and recording surface.
  3. Track.
  4. Cylinder.
  5. Read/write head.
  6. Access-arm mechanism.
  7. Describe the four steps in the transfer of data from

disk to primary memory.

  1. What is an index? Compare the concept of the index

in a book to an index in an information system.

  1. What is an indexed-sequential file?
  2. Describe how a direct search works using a B+-tree


  1. Answer the following general questions about


  1. Can an index be built over a non-unique field?
  2. Can an index be built over a field if the file is not

stored in sequence by that field?

  1. Can an index be built over a combination of fields

as well as over a single field?

  1. Is there a limit to the number of indexes that can

be built for a file?

  1. How is an index affected when a change is made

to a file? Does every change to a file affect every

one of its indexes?

  1. Can an index be used to achieve sequential

access? Explain

  1. Describe how a direct search works in a hashed file

using the division-remainder method of hashing.

  1. What is physical database design?
  2. Describe why physical database design is necessary.

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