Paper Assignment – Using multiple chapters from the text, as well as outside sources, address:


  1. Introduce the topic you are going to cover. This should include an interesting starter and a preview of what you are going to cover (think about a thesis statement.)
  1. How does your perception impact the way you think about this concept (for example, let’s say you were going to talk about language use. How does how you were raised impact the way you think about your word choice – did your family curse? Did they teach you to say, “Sir” or “Ma’am”? Why do you think you were raised that way? Would you change anything?) Make sure to provide examples.

*This should be the longest part of your paper.

  1. How will learning about this topic help you while you are in college? Be specific and give examples. If you can’t think of a reason, you might want to change your topic. In the example of language – let’s say you that your family frequently cursed at each other and used loud voices. Will that impact the way you are perceived in college (or your job) if you do the same?
  2. How will learning about this topic help you when you enter the workforce after college? Again, provide examples, either that you have already incorporated in your current job, or that you will use.

Short Response Paper – What is Communication?

  1. In one paragraphs you are asked to define communication.

You should define communication using examples and summaries of your own material – DO NOT QUOTE THE TEXT! The purpose of this exercise is to see your

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